Acoustical Cotton Panels

Cotton panels offer the highest NRC (sound absorption) performance of any competetive material. Why? The answer lies in the random thread diameter, length and orientation.

The SS-AC cotton material is a Class A nonflammable material that is also resistant to mold and mildew. This makes it acceptable for use in all home and commercial applications.

Various Thickness
SS-AC cotton panels are available in 1", 2" and 4" thickness with each panel measuring 2' x 4'.

SS-ACLF-424C features the lowest density and is the thickest cotton panels we offer. It is used primarily as a low frequency trap and may be viewed here...

Various Density
SS-AC cotton panels are available in 1.5#ft³, 3#ft³, 6#ft³ and 8#ft³ density. Here is how the part numbers relate to density...

SS-AC-3124 = 3# / 1" x 2' x 4'
SS-AC-3224 = 3# / 2" x 2' x 4'
SS-AC-6124 = 6# / 1" x 2' x 4'
SS-AC-8124 = 8# / 1" x 2' x 4'

The SS-AC-8124 panel offers an STC rating of 17 making it an absorber and a sound blocker. This material is used as the basis for our ECCOBOX speaker and lighting backbox enclosures.

Color Availability

Enlarge Enlarge

SS-AC-3224 cotton panels (white) suspended from the ceiling as baffles.

SS-AC-3224 cotton panels (white) suspended from the ceiling as baffles.

SS-AC panels with interesting design.

SS-AC panels installed in an interesting pattern.

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