You, Me and the Blog Makes Three.
By Paul M. Messett / Sales & Marketing Manager

Some would say it’s about time we got into the game and started posting “blogs”. With so much discussion circulating around the internet about what products to use, where and how much, we feel it is our duty to provide accurate information as to the function and application of automotive noise control products. Everyone has their own opinion as to how quieting a car or truck should be done and that will never change. Unlike many of our competitors in the 12 volt industry or self proclaimed hobbiest-experts, Doug Moir (CAE president of Engineering) and I have a combined 37 years of experience in car audio and we are about to “put it down” online. Keep in mind we have been developing automotive noise control products and installation techniques since 1992. Having said that, check in monthly to see what we have to say about our materials and the installation of them.

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