"F" is for Forum.
By Paul M. Messett / Sales & Marketing Manager

In a nutshell, steer clear of internet forums. Why? Because internet forums are a cesspool of misinformation. If you have a technical question about a product or application, try calling the manufacturer, company representative or retailer. Don't bother asking "SPLGUY21"* what he thinks because "SPLGUY21"* probably has his head up his...

I spend most of my time educating customers as to why certain materials and techniques are applied to any given application and how the disasterous information they have gleened from the forums is WRONG! Usually, the statement "I've read on a few forums" or "Some guy on a forum said..." is a dead giveaway that their gray matter has been polluted and needs to be cleared out like a houseful of Taliban insurgents.

The reality is that there could be (and usually are) three or four people in every forum that really know what they are talking about and their advice is golden! Sadly the other 99% of forum-goers are "misinformed" and they always drown out the wisdom of the true experts.

So, If you ever have questions about a specific product, how it performs or how it is to be used, call the manufacturer if possible or march down to a local retailer and ask. Don't waste your time waiting for a poorly typed response from "BADMAMMAJAMMA69"*!

Note: "SPLGUY21" and "BADMAMMAJAMMA69" may or may not be a real screen names, I don't know and I don't care, it's just an example.

Until next time...

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